A magical journey from Edinburgh to Skye

Skye is Scotland’s most popular isle, and you’ll quickly understand why. The iconic Skye Bridge transports you from the mainland into a whole new world of insane geology, beguiling mythology, and picturesque settlements. Rainbows plunge into peaty lochs, like waterfalls from the dramatic cliff tops. The Cuillin Mountains are an epic scale of awesome, carved by ancient volcanos and glaciers; for our viewing pleasure, of course.

Skye has a rich cultural heritage, with a history coloured by rival clans, Viking settlers, and a fugitive Prince. Ruined castles hold secrets of the past, while Norse place names ensure that we don’t forget it. Even dinosaurs roamed the land, leaving footprints on the beach. Try a local beer or Talisker Whisky, and don’t forget to toast the faeries! Skye is where the magic happens.



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