Sustainable and environmentally friendly tourism

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Our Green Story #StayWild


Travel is an incredible gift. It has the ability to open our eyes, our hearts, and our minds to the unique cultures and spellbinding beauty of the natural world. But with this gift comes a responsibility - to protect the world as we know it. 

Here is a wee bit about our efforts to ensure that the environment and communities we visit remain for generations to come. 

HAGGiS Adventures Intiatives

Our Give Back Day - Loch Leven

Here at HAGGiS, we are passionate about protecting our beautiful wildlife and nature! Check out this epic video for some awesome footage of us volunteering at Loch Leven Nature Reserve.

"HAGGiS Adventures was able to join us here to help Scottish Natural Heritage to look after this national nature. Without volunteers like these we wouldn't be able to do this work "

Eilean Donan Castle

Offset Your Carbon Footprint

HAGGiS Adventures has partnered with leading offset provider South Pole to offset our business, allowing us to offset what we cannot reduce. You too can purchase carbon offsets to cancel out the emissions produced by your travels. South Pole has 700+ high quality, and verifiable offset projects to choose from around the world.

Up Helly Aa Fire Festival Shetland

Supporting Local Festivals

HAGGiS Adventures are committed to sustainable tourism and preserving the unique spirit of Scotland.  We have been visiting Shetland for over ten years with the Up Helly Aa tour.  As a donor of the Festival, we are able to give back to the local community which will, in turn, ensure more travelers can enjoy this fiery spectacle.