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If you haven't, were you even there?

In the wee village of Fort Augustus, sits the western tip of Loch Ness, and the equally famous… Morag’s Lodge! After a day of epic exploration, arriving at this hostel is like settling into a home away from home; with dorm beds and a lively bar thrown in.

Cosy and comfy, with a legendary team of locals and fellow travellers, Morag’s Lodge is the definition of Highland hospitality. It’s the perfect place to bond with your tour buddies, hunt for Nessie, and guarantee yourself a monster hangover.

Morag’s Lodge is not your average hostel and if you’ve been, you know this all too well. We bet you’ve ticked-off at least 50% of the following. If not, were you even there?

Morag's Lodge Hostel, Loch Ness

Posed for a patriotic group shot wearing a tartan toga

When the tartan togas go on, the night really kicks off! Your outfit was likely assembled with the help of your mate, and if you got really creative, you used the belt as an accessory for your head. Such shenanigans must be captured on camera and posted on social media – rude gestures and ‘highland fling’ style posing inclusive. If you wake up in your tartan toga, you know it’s been a good night.

Danced until daft o’clock when Donald is playing

When your tour guide said Donald is a ‘walking iPod’, they weren’t lying. He may be small, but his tunes are epic. Live music with Donald guarantees a night of wild dancing and (out of tune) singing.

Realised that home-cooked chicken stuffed with haggis is AWESOME

Team Mo’s sure know how to rustle up a hearty Scottish meal, and this is the ideal intro to our national dish. It was defining moment, while munching on the affectionately named ‘chaggis’, that you realised haggis isn’t as bad as it sounds. In fact, it’s bloody delicious.

Been spooked with tales of the resident ghosts

We Scots love a good story, especially where old buildings and ghosts are concerned. If you slept in the notoriously haunted room, we’re glad you lived to tell the tale!

Got rowdy at the pub quiz

Morag’s Lodge pub quiz is loud and legendary. Full-on audience participation is the name of the game, from the crazy catwalk to the cringe worthy chat-up lines. You’re guaranteed lots of laughs, plus that one super-competitive person in the room, and the wee cheat trying to Google the answers on their phone.

Gone looking for the Loch Ness Monster.

Morag’s Lodge is prime Nessie-hunting territory. If you didn’t go on Cruise Loch Ness and desperately scan the surface of the water, waiting for the monster to rear its ugly head, you probably went on a photo mission to the banks of the loch. Standard.

Drank too many drams or florescent coloured shots!

Listen, we’re not judging – we’ve all been there. The excitement of being in Scotland can get too much, and before you know it, you’ve woken up 10 minutes before the bus leaves wondering who you are and how you got there.

Had a sing-song around the piano with your tour-besties

There’s always a musician on the bus, or someone who’s not played the piano since they were a child but thinks they’re Mozart. Either way, who doesn’t love gathering round the piano to sing the wrong words at the top of their lungs?

Put your room card next to your phone and got locked out

Don’t put your room card next to your phone. We repeat – do not put your rom card next to your phone. Aye, you probably did anyway. Back to reception you go…

Compare other hostels to the epic time you had there!

It’s inevitable, so don’t try to fight it. You’ll visit other brilliant hostels, but you’ll always have that extra special wee place in your heart for Morag’s Lodge. It's everyone's favourite accommodation on tour. Haste ye back!