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Scotland is awesome, and don’t we know it. Our country’s wild and mysterious beauty is unlike anywhere on earth. To fully understand, you need to experience it for yourself.

Aye, we get it though, you cannae just click your fingers and appear in the middle of the epic Scottish Highlands. But... if you let us, we can take you there. We’ve compiled a bonnie bunch of videos to bring you a wee bit closer to Scotland, and make you want to visit NOW. Brace yourself for insane levels of Scottishness.

Danny MacAskill, Skye Ridge

Oh Danny boy, you’re giving us vertigo! Danny MacAskill is a local legend and celebrity cyclist from the Isle of Skye. Check out his insane journey in the Cuillin Mountains.

Visit Scotland - Film Locations in Scotland

Scotland’s scenery will leave you star struck. For a wee country, we have some epic claims to fame. Not that Harry Potter and James Bond are a big deal or anything… 

Vanity Fair - Gerard Butler Teaches You Scottish Slang

It’s Gerard Butler. And he’s speaking in Scottish slang. We like this a lot. Can you talk the talk? 

Marcel Gallaun – SCOTLAND – A Highland Tale  

This insane timelapse video features some of our favourite destinations on tour. Guaranteed to give you goosebumps! 

Kevin Bridges on Scottish Independence

Hilarious and outrageous – Scottish humour in a nutshell! We think Kevin Bridges is the man, and we’re sure you will too.  

BBC The Social - Kilted Yoga  

Yoga in a kilt, anyone?  

Adam Stocker - Scotland Lochs, Mountains & Light

Those enchanting and atmospheric scenes we always bang on about – this is it. ‘Moody’ is always a good thing where Scotland is concerned.

John Duncan Filmmaker – Ancient Scotland  

We’re just gonnae leave this here.