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Travel & Life: Scottish Style


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Off-Kilter definition (adjective & adverb):

Not in the usual, expected, or correct condition or state. Unconventional or eccentric.

Well, that pretty much sums us up…

Off-Kilter is that cheeky wee voice of reason, guiding you towards to epic experiences in Scotland. Expect local tips, travel inspiration, and shameless blethering. We don’t take ourselves too seriously, unless we’re talking about Scotland; our favourite subject. Our other interests involve awesome scenery, gory history, and Carpool Karaoke (on a bus).

We’re the online travel guide you’ve always wanted, and we have a Scottish accent.

What are ye waiting for? Get stuck in!

Meet the Off-Kilter Crew



Creative Content Writer & former Tour Guide at HAGGiS Adventures. Scottish Travel Blogger/Blether at The Chaotic Scot. Kay travels Scotland on public transport, and has visited 41 Scottish Islands. She loves to live up to stereotypes by dying her hair ginger, and regularly consuming haggis and whisky. A Scottish history geek and all-around chatterbox, she can literally talk for Scotland.



Marketing Manager at HAGGiS Adventures. Super-mum, hilarious dancer & expert multi-tasker. Katy’s favourite Scottish destination is the Cairngorms National Park. She has lived in New Zealand, and travelled South America, where she fished for piranhas and hunted for anacondas. When she is feeling slightly less adventurous, Katy enjoys baking and chilled weekends at home in Scotland. Katy will always be wild at heart.



Marketing Assistant at HAGGiS Adventures. Former Climbing Instructor at Go Ape! With a love of the great outdoors and all things-travel related, Maggie think’s there’s nowhere better than her beautiful home country. She can often be found running outdoors, drinking coffee or exploring the back-streets of Edinburgh. Her favourite Scottish destination is the Isle of Tiree, because the beaches are magical!

'The Wild Child of Scottish Adventures'

Off-Kilter is created by HAGGiS Adventures, who offer award-winning tours to iconic destinations around Scotland. HAGGiS fully embrace their reputation as the wild child of Scottish adventures, and openly encourage you to get involved. View our tours.

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