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UK's Most Haunted Locations

Whether you believe in ghosts or not, it’s hard to deny the appeal of visiting a haunted house, castle or theatre. And the UK has plenty of them for you to check out. Even if you don’t see a ghost, you’ll feel chills as you explore Britain’s most haunted locations. But where exactly are they? Read on to find out.

1) The Tower of London

An icon of the British capital, the Tower of London is often said to be the UK’s most haunted place. From the beginning of the 12th century through to 1952, the Tower remained a prison, usually for those who committed treason. Often, prisoners were executed rather horrifically for public entertainment.

Naturally, all these executions have triggered stories of hauntings by people including the ghost of Anne Boleyn. Uncover the history of Tower of London and see the priceless crown jewel collection on a tour of London with local sightseeing experts, Evan Evans Tours.

2) Stirling Castle, Scotland

Located on top of a lush green hill and surrounded by stunning countryside vistas, Stirling Castle is one of the most important in Scotland’s history. Besides its appearance, visitors come here to see if they can catch a glimpse of the ghostly Highlander, dressed in traditional Scottish attire, including the kilt.

Many people claim the Highlander approaches them as a tour guide, only to disappear before their very eyes. Want to see this spectacle for yourself? Our day tour of the Scottish Lochs and Castles visits Stirling Castle and the beautiful Trossachs National Park.

3) Theatre Royal, London

On London’s Drury Lane, you’ll find the apparently haunted Theatre Royal. Many performers and attendees have reported seeing ghosts, namely two eerie clowns and the ‘Man in Grey’. However, nobody knows who the ghosts are, how they died or why they chose to haunt this famous theatre. Go and watch a show – productions still happen. Your experience might end up being more than you bargained for.

4) Pendle Hill, Lancashire

Nowadays, witches and wizards belong on the screen and in fantasy novels. But in 16th-century Britain, there was a widespread belief the witches were real. And people who fell ill often blamed witch contamination. Tragically, those who were believed to be witches were executed for all to see. Ten of those unlucky souls are said to haunt Lancashire’s Pendle Hill area to this day.

5) Plas Mawr, Conwy, Wales

If you’re ever visiting the Welsh walled town of Conwy, you should make time to check out the fabulous Elizabethan townhouse in the town centre. But we don’t just love this architectural gem because of its looks. We also think it’s worth checking out due to the rumours of hauntings.

The house was originally the home of Robert Wynn, who tragically lost his wife and son when an inexperienced doctor failed to cure them. Consequently, Wynn refused to let the doctor leave the house. Now, the Wynn family and the unfortunate doctor are said to haunt this magnificent yet spooky abode.

6) Berry Pomeroy Castle, Devon

Lots of castles are said to be haunted. In England, one of the most famous haunted castles is Berry Pomeroy Castle. This 15th-century castle sends shivers down the spines of countless visitors, especially those who claim to have witnessed the infamous ghosts of the White Lady and the Blue Lady.

According to legend, the White Lady is the restless soul of Margaret Pomeroy, who starved to death in the castle dungeon. The Blue Lady is said to be the ghost of a daughter who was strangled by her father. Lovely stuff.

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