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Epic destinations in Scotland #nofilter

Scotland is such a poser. Our wildly beautiful country has the gift of getting better with age and looking damn good from every angle. You cannae beat a selfie with a Scottish backdrop, and filters really aren’t necessary where our scenery is concerned! Regular sunshine is the stuff of myths and legends, but that’s okay because Scotland is most photogenic when it’s atmospheric.

Every Instagram feed needs a wee sprinkle of Scotland, and your camera will love our unique landscapes, moody skies and quaint towns. Get inspired by these epic Scottish destinations!

1) Glen Coe

Love a bit of drama? You need to point your camera in the direction of Glen Coe. Carved by volcanos and glaciers, Glen Coe is where our scenery really shows off. Waterfalls cascade from misty peaks the down into the depths of the glen and its rocky river. Soak up the atmospheric views, refrain from hiding behind your screen/lens for too long, and don’t even try to stop your jaw from dropping.

Glencoe, Scotland

2) Isle of Skye

You’ve probably heard this before, but Skye is where magic exists in the everyday. The Cuillin Mountains are lifted straight from Mordor, and the insane coastline needs no added drama. It’s easy to imagine faeries and giants roaming around the waterfalls and rainbows, while Portree Harbour’s vibrant facades and wee fishing boats will brighten your photos on even the greyest of days. There are so many enchanting sights on Skye!

3) Edinburgh

Edinburgh’s stunning skyline has some serious romance to answer for, with enchanting architecture that’ll steal your heart in an instant. Explore Edinburgh's classic tourist sights and the hidden gems. Wander the cobbled streets of the UNESCO World Heritage Old Town and New Town, before you ascend an extinct volcano – Arthur’s Seat – to capture the city’s dazzling good looks from above. Time your climb for sunset to give your photos that extra edge.

4) Glenfinnan

Harry Potter fans cannae contain their excitement at this spellbinding location The iconic Glenfinnan Viaduct AKA the ‘Harry Potter Bridge’ looks insane in all its multi-arched glory, with a backdrop of mountains to boot. That’s not all you’ll want to photograph, so don’t forget to look the other way at Loch Shiel for a full-on fix of Highland scenery. Want to go? Check out our 5 Day Highland Fling and 10 Day Compass Buster tour.

5) Isle of Harris

Life’s a beach on the Isle of Harris, and this island’s western shores were made to be on camera. The flawless white sand and dreamy turquoise water will have your Insta-mates thinking “WTF?!” when they realise these tropical-style scenes are in fact our own wee slice of Scottish paradise. Aye, there’s every chance there will be dark clouds and moody mountains in your beach shots, but that just adds to their charm. Who's coming on our 5 Day Hebridean Hopper?

6) Loch Ness

This bonnie body of water needs no induction, for it’s the legendary home of our big beastie – the Loch Ness monster. If you’re looking for a photo with ‘Nessie’, some Photoshop wizardry will be required, but this famous loch is otherwise #nofilter all the way! One of four lochs in the Great Glen, Loch Ness looks absolutely awesome on its own, with dark and mysterious depths, and mountains as far as the eye can see.