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Get ready for your HAGGiS tour

Your HAGGiS Adventures tour is booked, and you’re going to have an awesome time. Are ye ready though? You’ve probably heard all about the jaw-dropping scenery and hilarious antics, but do you know what’s going in your backpack?

Perhaps you’re a notorious list writer and ninja at packing, or the type who will go dancing in Edinburgh’s Old Town until the wee hours and wake up in a state of hungover panic on the morning of the tour…

Where am I going? Do I have everything? Who even am I?!

Either way, it’s cool - we’ve got you covered. Read on for our essential guide to prepping for your HAGGiS Adventures tour, and check out our Top 10 FAQs blogNo dramas.

Pack Like a Pro

Scotland is a land like no other, and the contents of your luggage should reflect this; from clothing and gadgets to snacks and novelty accessories. Here are the basic essentials for your packing list. Kilts, compasses and unicorns are entirely optional.

1) Sensible shoes

Jandals, sandals, flip flops, thongs. Call them what you like, just don’t try to take a walk in Glen Coe in winter wearing them. Comfy footwear with grips is the way to go at any time of year; even better if they are waterproof and have ankle support. Or wellies. We love wellies.

2) Waterproofs

You’ve heard that the Scottish weather can be a wee bit unpredictable? Well, the rumours are all true! The secret is to pack for all possibilities, and layers are the answer. Something cosy, something waterproof, and whatever goes underneath. We really enjoy a silly hat, also.

3) Something to tell the time

Passengers who are late back to the bus may be used as bait for the Loch Ness Monster. You have been warned.

4) Power bank to charge devices

Our bonnie buses are all fitted with USB charging points in the seats, however it's a good idea to bring your own back-up battery for when you're on the go. Your epic holiday photos may depend on it.

5) Avon Skin so Soft

Great for keeping your skin soft. Also, great for repelling midges.

6) Snacks for the bus

Everyone loves a wee bus picnic. No spillages, crumbs or smelly food though please.

7) Reusable water bottle

Scotland has some of the best water in the world. Say no to plastic and AYE to fresh water straight from a Highland river (or from a tap when a river is not possible).

Check-in Checklist

  • Know Where You're Going - until the 31st of March 2023, all of our tours from Edinburgh leave from the HAGGiS Adventures shop on the Royal Mile on 60 High Street. Tours departing from the 1st of April 2023 will start at Edinburgh Bus Station at St. Andrew Square. We also have tours departing from Inverness - check here for the exact addresses and familiarise yourself with the departure point that applies to your tour.
  • Arrive on Time – check your booking confirmation to find the departure time and check-in time for your tour. If you can’t find your confirmation, drop our lovely reservations an email on
  • Prove Yourself – or at least prove who you are. Don’t forget to bring your photo ID so that we can check you in and send you off on your epic adventure.