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Who's coming on a night out in Edinburgh?

Edinburgh is a pretty city with a good reputation, but dinnae be fooled by this charming façade – she’s a bit of a wild child, and she knows how to party! Our city is bursting with wee gems and cultural attractions, and we want you to experience them all; pubs and clubs inclusive. With that in mind, this post is our shameless attempt to lead you astray. We are fully encouraging you to dance until the wee hours, before stumbling back to your hostel clutching some deep fried delights from the nearest ‘chippy’.

(Side note, a ‘chippy’ is a fish & chip shop for all your late-night fast food needs)

(Another wee side note, when asked “salt and sauce?” the answer is always yes.)

Here’s a selection of Edinburgh’s lively establishments, where good, unpretentious fun is guaranteed. You could say we’re a bad influence…

Aye, we’re totally cool with that.

1) The Three Sisters.

139 Cowgate, Edinburgh EH1 1JS

Enjoy street food and alfresco beverages in the courtyard entrance courtyard, which always draws in a lively crowd. The Three Sisters is the perfect place for watching live sporting events on the big screen, or having a dance-off with a stag/hen party. Even if it’s feeling a wee bit fresh, be hardcore and stay outside to soak up the atmosphere.

Visit the The Three Sisters website here

2) Whistle Binkies.

4-6 South Bridge, Edinburgh EH1 1LL

This dimly lit watering hole sits in the heart of the Old Town, and is one of Edinburgh’s most haunted pubs. The venue is built into the city’s historic underground vaults, which are a notorious hang-out for ghosts and ghouls. Spooks aside, Whistle Binkies is best known for its nightly live music, best enjoyed with a craft beer or single malt whisky.

Visit Whistle Binkie's website here

3) Espionage.

India Buildings, 4, Victoria St, Edinburgh EH1 2EX

Espionage is more like an escape room than a nightclub, with its maze-like interior, spanning multiple floors and music genres. If you don’t like the tunes where you’re at, simply move onto another level. When navigating these various themed rooms however, strength in numbers is the way forward. A solo mission to the toilet will inevitably result in you getting lost and making friends with random strangers. Actually… that doesn’t sound so bad.

Visit the Espionage website here

4) The Shack.

119 Rose St, Edinburgh EH2 3DT

If you’re partial to a spot of cheese, this retro nightclub is for you. Modern music is left at the front door, in favour of the golden oldies, from The Beatles to Belinda Carlisle and Backstreet Boys. Belting out “I want it that way” while clutching a cheap, fluorescent coloured beverage is pretty tempting, eh? Get in amongst the random crowd, with characters as colourful as the vibrant décor. Popular with stag and hen parties.

Visit The Shack Facebook page here

5) Stramash.

207 Cowgate, Edinburgh EH1 1JQ

Cover bands, independent musicians, and live sports on Edinburgh’s biggest screen. Oh, and it’s all in a converted church, which was built in 1859. The venue has undergone a mega refurb, with wooden barrels and quirky features. Look down on the madness from the mezzanine floor, or put your dancing shoes to good use. Go on, get Stramash-ed.

Visit the Stramash website here