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Iconic Food and Drink from Around the World 

No matter where you travel, culinary adventures are an essential part of getting a real taste of your destination. In fact, food tourism is becoming increasingly popular around the world.

 Social media give us the chance to show off the amazing dishes we get to sample – food envy alert!

 As a wee tribute to food tourism, we’re taking a look at all these awesome, traditional food and drink specialities from across the world.

If you pay a visit to any of the countries below, you totally have to try a homemade version of their signature dishes. Let’s get stuck in!

Haggis and Whisky, Scotland

You cannae mention Scotland without thinking of whisky and haggis. These national delights are an absolute must if you’re visiting us - or else! Take a look over at our awesome tours which visit some of Scotland’s best whisky distilleries. You’ll learn all about the history and production of this magical beverage and get to sample some yourself. Finish off your trip to the capital and munch on all the haggis. Yum!

Fish and Chips, England 

If you’ve been to England and not tried fish and chips, then you’re doing it wrong. A delicious blend of chunky chips and fish fried in (too much) batter is perfect for a Friday night. If you’re in London definitely visit a traditional fish and chip shop. It might not be the best food the UK has to offer, but it’s an experience you simply cannae miss out on.

Hangi, Maori Tribe in NZ

The Maori Tribe in New Zealand has a unique way of cooking their food. The hangi is like an underground barbeque where chefs use heated rocks to slow-cook meat and vegetables for hours. The result is a culinary sensation with a down-to-earth flavour that you won’t quickly forget. You can learn all about the fascinating Maori culture over at AAT Kings’ website.

Vegemite, Australia

This curious-looking black spread is definitely a love-it-or-hate-it experience. If you really want to taste Australian culture, however, you at least have to give it a go. Vegemite was created from left-over yeast that was dumped out by breweries. That might not sound very appetizing, but the brand sold its billionth jar all the way back in 2008. They must be doing something right!

Retsina, Greece

There are perhaps a hundred awesome foods we could mention that come out of Greece and its islands. From souvlaki to keftedes, melitzanosalata, moussaka, dolmades and much more, there simply wouldn’t be time to give every dish its proper attention. However, if we had to choose one product that captures the Greek dining experience, it would be Retsina. This unique resinated wine is difficult to find outside its homeland and brings back memories of beach-side tavernas. 

Sushi, Japan

Japan has a national obsession with food. Two weeks spent in this magical country will expose you to some of the most fascinating (and baffling) culinary experiences you’re likely to find anywhere in the world. From fermented soybeans to frogs, sea urchins and raw chicken, Japanese chefs never shy away from a challenge. However, if we had to choose the most iconic food from this land of incredible delicacies, it would have to be sushi. Delicious, unique and world-famous, sushi has changed palettes across the globe for the better.

Food isn’t the only cultural experience you can have in Scotland. Make sure you check out our awesome tours.