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Awesome Countries in the Rain

Some will say that the perfect holiday weather is 33-40 degrees with the sun blazing over you. What about holidays for people who already live in sunshine 90% of the year, or the ones who actually hate the sun? Aye, they do exist. Lots of pale Scottish people can vouch for that! 

There are places which are known for their sunny weather, however other locations look even more impressive and atmospheric in the rain; places where an umbrella is little more than a fashion statement. Visit these unique countries and you’ll start to find the rain to be kind of romantic.

We’ve bundled up 6 locations which look awesome in the rain. And if it ends up being sunny? Best of both worlds!

1) Scotland 

We're no stranger to a bit of rain in Scotland, but that doesn't stop up being one of the most beautiful countries in Europe - and even the world! Okay, maybe we’re a wee bit biased. Honestly though, Scotland is even more wild and sexy with moody skies and a spray of "liquid sunshine". Make sure you bring your waterproofs, and remember that today's rain is tomorrow's whisky! 

2) Australia

Australia is a stunning country to see in the rain. Though many of the tourists are visiting during the summer months, but it's a year-round destination. Their seasons are entirely different to ours - we basically have winter, autumn, spring and 5 days of summer! 

They have summer from December- March, Autumn from March - June and so on. Their winter is actually our summer. That said, if you were to visit Aus in the colder months for them, it’s still around 15-20 degrees. In the same way, the Kuranda rainforests are an absolute must when visiting and they don’t call it a rainforest for no reason!

3) Iceland

In Iceland, you’ll likely get a drop of rain whenever you go. It’s not known for its sunshine after all but for the views, the hikes and the cosy all around winter feeling. At the end of every rainstorm is a rainbow and Reykjavík even has a lovely little rainbow street in to mark this. You can explore the famous Golden Circle by coach even when the weather is gloomy - it’s always stunning.

4) Japan

Like Australia, Japan’s rainy season is our summer (June - July) but that’s no reason to stop us. Japan pretty much looks like a painting all round the country and what’s more beautiful than a spot of rain to add to the romanticism of the country. Enjoy water droplets on exquisite, unique flowers and look for magical fireflies. Rainy season is the time!

5) Costa Rica

You guessed it, our summer is Costa Rica’s rainy season. They actually call it ‘green season’ which makes it sound just as nice. Visiting during this time is the ideal way to see the country in its full glory. It’s called green season because all the plants come to life and turn a sublime colour of green or ‘verde’ as the locals call it. The tropical paradise with rain just makes the country all the more interesting. Try sleeping with rain tip tapping on the windows. It’s insanely relaxing. 

If you’d like to explore Scotland in the rain, make sure you take this chance to explore our amazing Highland Fling tours. In fact, it’s the best way to see our beautiful country no matter the weather.