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World's Greatest Outdoor Adventures

If you’re reading this, you obviously love a wee adventure. Why wouldn’t you? Even if it’s simply getting on a flight to a new country or jumping off a cliff into the ocean, adventure follows us wherever we go. It’s exciting and... also terrifying.

Exploring tends to be a person’s favourite part when anyone is planning a trip. People don’t just want to see a place anymore, they want to DO it like a local. We’re all looking for that “Wow!” moment as we come face to face with animals we never thought we’d see in real life or as we reluctantly jump off very high towers into magical rainforests, with a bungee jump as our best friend, course.

There’s a lot of adventures out there. It’s even hard to narrow it down to 6.

But if we had to pick...

1) A Legendary Adventure: Loch Ness

As many as 2 million people visit Loch Ness every year to uncover the truth behind the legendary mystery of the monster at the world’s most popular lake. Expect castle ruins, mountains for days and fascinating tales from our weird and wonderful country – including the legend of ‘Nessie’, the Loch Ness Monster.

2) Bungee Jumping in Cairns

Take a mental snapshot of Cairns’ epic scenery of mountains, hills and rainforest as you jump off the highest viewing spot around. With 16 styles of jumps, there’s a variety of ways to have this exhilarating experience.

3) The Ultimate Tour of South East Asia

The backpacking trip of a lifetime is the best way to see South East Asia like a local. Start in Thailand and bop through to Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos for a blend of all-night parties, forest walks and easy days spent watching the sunset at the beach.

4) Take a Walk on the Wild (West) Side

Grab your cowboy boots this one is gonna be one wild ride! The Wild West road trip is a super-exciting quest driving through old town roads, Cadillac ranches, The Grand Canyon, the iconic Monument Valley and Las Vegas.

5) A River Kwai Ride 

The history of Thailand lies along this 380-kilometre river. With the movie ‘Bridge on The River Kwai’ bringing in thousands of visitors, the river tells the sad story of the Second World War, Japanese captors and a steel railway bridge that still runs today. Explore wondrous waters and ponder the history of this fascinating location.

6) Crocodiles, Snakes and Koalas (OH MY!)

Take a journey slightly different to your day-to-day and see some truly exotic wildlife and animals. In the Wetlands, there are turtles, koalas, water birds, snakes, crocodiles and cassowaries that can all be fed. 90% of the animals down under are only found in Australia - there’s even more of an incentive to visit.

For more wonderful ways to get out and explore the wild, check out our awesome list of guided tours. Experience Scotland in all its glory and have yourself a real adventure.