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The UK's Best Multi-Destination Tours

If you’re visiting a new country, you’ll probably want to experience as much of it as possible. This is often much easier said than done.

Luckily, many providers offer multi-destination tours - an excellent choice for those looking to see more than one city. With as much or little time as you have on your hands, you can still get the most out of your holiday.

The UK is a wee nation with 4 different countries - England, Northern Island, Scotland, and Wales. If you want to see them all, it’s best to jump on a multi-destination tour. You’ll have easy access to the super-speedy trains and coaches that can get you up and down the country in no time.

There are plenty of tours that tailor to this in the UK, since there are many excellent places to visit outside of London. Take a look at some of the best multi-destination tours across the country.

London to Scotland

Despite being on opposite ends of the country, many people visit Edinburgh from London and vice versa. With the train being fast and affordable, it would be a shame not to try it yourself. Whilst on the journey, you can take in the beautiful British countryside as you ride.

When you’re in Edinburgh, there’s loads for you to see, and you don’t have to stop there - the untamed beauty of the Scottish Highlands is within easy reach of the capital.

The Scottish Highlands & Islands

If you more time to explore, the epic 10-day Compass Buster is the perfect way to see as much of Scotland as possible. Discover the wild Highlands, ancient castles, and tropical-looking beaches on this adventure across the Isle of Skye, Isle of Lewis and Harris, and Loch Ness. You’ll even get to hop aboard the Hogwarts Express. Yes - it’s real!

For more tours that will fit your itinerary no matter how long you have, take a look at our 2-10 day tours page. It’s the perfect way to get the most out of your Scottish adventure.