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Outlander Sites in Scotland

Scotland’s insane history has inspired many books and films, but none have stolen our tartan hearts in the same way as Outlander. Let’s be honest, we’ve all got a bit obsessed with following Jamie and Claire’s romantic escapades as they travel through the centuries. The wait between seasons is painful. ‘Droughtlander’ is real!

We think the best remedy for this is planning a trip to Scotland. Our wee country is packed with awesome places which are connected to the Outlander books and TV series; from the actual filming locations to the sites where the real events through history took place.

Which begs the question, are you even an Outlander fan if you haven’t been to Scotland?

Culloden Battlefield

Culloden Battlefield is the site of the last battle fought on British soil in 1746, where Bonnie Prince Charlie and the Jacobites were brutally defeated. This evocative moorland wasn’t used in the filming of Outlander, but it was the Jacobite cause and the Battle of Culloden which inspired the Outlander story. Throughout the seasons we’re taken on a journey through the build-up to Culloden, the battle itself, and the aftermath.

A visit to Culloden Battlefield is where the fictional tale of Jamie and Claire becomes very real, in what was one of the most significant events in Scottish history.

Clava Cairns

The standing stones at Craig na Dun don’t actually exist, but we know the next best thing. Clava Cairns is a special and mysterious place which dates back over 4000 year. There are a series of burial cairns and standing stones positioned in alignment with the stars and the movement of the sun.

Some believe that this site inspired the fictional Craig na Dun, but either way, you can still attempt your own journey through the stones. We cannae guarantee where you’ll end up!

Midhope Castle

Possibly the most iconic filming location of them all, this 15th century tower house is none other than Jamie Fraser’s family home. Lallybroch (also mentioned as Broch Tuarach) is featured in Season 1 and 2, and now Outlander fans travel from far and wide to feel that wee bit closer to Jamie. The castle’s interior is inaccessible, but seeing it from outside is enough to make your tartan heart skip a beat!

Midhope Castle sits within the Hopetoun Estate, as well as Hopetoun House, which was used as a filming location; most recognisably as the Duke of Sandringham’s home in Season 1.

Linlithgow Palace 

This beautiful ruin, which overlooks Linlithgow Loch, is famed as the birthplace of Mary of Scots. It’s said the carved stone fountain in the courtyard flowed with red wine on special occasions when Stuart Monarchy were in residence (aye, so that’s pretty awesome) and on Bonnie Prince Charlie’s visit in 1745.

The staircases and corridors in Linlithgow Palace featured as Wentworth Prison in Season 1. Just in case you’re thinking what we were thinking, no it’s not where those scenes were filmed *shudders*.


This historic village is as charming as they come. Culross is owned by the National Trust for Scotland, and is a conservation village, so you literally feel like you’re stepping back in time as you wander the cobbled streets and photograph the insanely cute old buildings. It’s easy to see why this location was chosen for multiple scenes in Outlander!

Most notably, Culross was used the set for Cranesmuir in Season 1, as the home of Geillis Duncan and the spot where she was convicted as a witch. This was also where Jamie and Claire came to the wee boy’s rescue after his ear was nailed to a wooden post.

Culross Palace was used as Claire’s herb garden at Castle Leoch and Geillis Duncan’s parlour. Fans may also recognise the courtyard and some of the palace rooms from scenes in Season 2 and 4.


Falkland is another picture-perfect conversation village in Fife, Aye, that’s right, Falkland starred as Inverness in the 1946; Claire and Frank’s second honeymoon destination. The Covenanter Hotel is used as Mrs Baird’s guesthouse in Season 1 and the fountain outside is where the ghostly figure of Jamie looks up at Claire. In Season 2, Falkland returned to our screens, again as Inverness, but this time in the 18th and 20th centuries.

Falkland is easy to fall in love with anyway, but the strong Outlander connections send its appeal right off the scale!

Doune Castle

This 14th century stronghold is in awesome condition for its age. It’s these historic good looks which have earned Doune Castle its ‘big screen celebrity’ status, having starred in Monty Python & the Holy Grail, Outlaw King, Game of Thrones and Outlander – of course!

Doune Castle is instantly recognisable as Castle Leoch in Outlander; the home of Clan Mackenzie. The castle was used extensively in Series 1, and these scenes featured lots of significant characters including Jamie, Claire, Colum Mackenzie, Mrs Fitz, Laoghaire and Murtagh. A trip to this castle will take you right back to the beginning of the story we’ve all come to love!