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Remote locations in Europe

A backpacking trip around Europe is everybody's dream holiday. Sometimes, though, you might find yourself in need of a bit of a break from the city lights and bustling bars of Edinburgh, Budapest and Prague.

Fortunately, Europe is full of stunningly beautiful - and remote - locations for you to get some space and reflect on the amazing time you've had. They're the ideal spots to get back to nature and do a little exploring on your own. And, given how few people take the time to truly get off the beaten track, you'll come home with a few extra bragging rights.

Let's check out our favourite remote locations in Europe to explore.

Shetland Islands, Scotland

The Shetlands are the most northerly isles in Scotland, which very few Scots have ventured far enough to visit. Shetland is for tourists of the hardcore variety! The notorious Norse landed on Shetland in the 9th century and ruled until 1468. Shetland was then mortgaged to Scotland as part of a royal wedding agreement, and we decided it was too good to give back! When you visit, you’ll understand why. Shetland is also home to the world-famous Viking fire festival Up Helly Aa. Who’s coming?

Zakopane, Poland

This gorgeous mountain region has some of the best walking in Poland. The grand mountains of Zakopane sweep down into lovely, sparsely populated valleys for a little R&R between hikes. We highly recommend taking a stroll through Dolina Pieciu Stawow - the Valley of Five Lakes - for some of the best views available in the Tatra mountains. The Siklawica Waterfall is also a must-see.

Triglavski Narodni, Slovenia

Although a popular destination for outdoor sports enthusiasts and visitors from nearby Italy and Austria, Triglavski Narodni is more than big enough to give everyone a little personal space. Established to protect the region's beautiful lakes from urban development, this magnificent landscape boasts soaring mountain peaks and perfect meandering rivers with turquoise-blue water. With over 340 square miles of protected landscapes, you're sure to find somewhere to get away from it all.

Harris, Scotland

The Outer Hebrides are a remote and insanely beautiful Scottish paradise. The Isle of Harris is affectionately known as the Harri-bean thanks to its idyllic white sand beaches – complete with a backdrop of moody mountains. The air is so fresh, the landscape is stunning, and you’ll often have the beaches to yourself. The perfect place to escape the stress of modern life.

Ellmau, Austria

Although charming little Austrian town is pretty well-connected on the Busabout hop-on hop-off network, you only need to travel a few miles up into the Alps and you'll feel a million miles away from anywhere. The white-grey stone of the mountains blends beautifully with the region's lush greenery, making you feel like you've got lost in the pages of a Tolkein novel. And, with 232 different hiking trails across the whole of Ellmau, you'll never run out of new places to explore.

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