Our grand-master guides are a right bunch of characters. None of our classic tours are ever the same; their unique personalities make sure of it!
We decided to take this a step further, and really embrace their individuality.
So, our Passion Projects were born.

Our guides are given the opportunity to create and deliver their very own tour. We give them free reign to custom-design an itinerary which reflects their personal interests. We fought for our freedom, so we know the value of theirs.

We let their imaginations run wild; like native haggis in the misty mountains. Each tour is unique and personal, but they are all rooted in the same Deep Scottish Love.

We want you to be a part of this never-been-done-before project. To join a hand-crafted, passion-packed, tour with a twist; expertly delivered by our grand-master guides. It doesn’t get more local and authentic than that!

Passion Projects is your chance to do Scotland differently.



Like most of the HAGGiS crew, Kirsty is a grand-master traveller as well as guide. Years away in Australia, New Zealand and South America has made her appreciate her hometown of Edinburgh even more. She reckons it’s the most beautiful city in the world, and she’s seen plenty. She'll reveal those hidden gems you’d never find on your own.  Cycle the idylic water of Leith, climb mighty Arthur's Seat and dance like a true Scot at Ceilidh. Experience Edinburgh as a local on this one day tour with Kirsty. 


Yvonne was her school sprinting champion. But don’t worry too much about keeping up, nowadays she just enjoys running for fun. Yvonne has a real passion for being outside and embracing all of nature’s elements. That is why guiding came naturally to her. But living and breathing the guiding lifestyle, like travelling in general, can make it hard to keep up positive health and fitness intentions. Enter the Highland Charge! A one day tour to the Scottish Highlands that combines, fitness, fun and history.


Gill reckons that getting to the highest point is the best way to appreciate any location – whether it’s our great Cairngorm Mountain range or Mount Kenya, Africa’s second highest peak. Gill always returns to hillwalking as it’s the ‘purest form’ of adventure. Having explored the Cairngorms for over a decade, it was only natural that her passion project would be based in the magical location. Gill’s three day tour is a true Scottish adventure made for people who love the outdoors.


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