The HAGGiS Passion Project: Unique Scottish tours

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Hand Crafted, Passion Packed Tours 

Our grand-master guides are a right bunch of characters. None of our classic tours are ever the same; their unique personalities make sure of it! We decided to take this a step further and really embrace their individuality. So, our Passion Projects were born.

Our guides are given the opportunity to create and deliver their very own tour. We give them free reign to custom-design an itinerary which reflects their personal interests. We fought for our freedom, so we know the value of theirs.

We let their imaginations run wild; like native haggis in the misty mountains. Each tour is unique and personal, but they are all rooted in the same Deep Scottish Love.

We want you to be a part of this never-been-done-before project. To join a hand-crafted, passion-packed, tour with a twist; expertly delivered by our grand-master guides. It doesn’t get more local and authentic than that!  

Passion Projects is your chance to do Scotland differently.

Passion Projects

Our Passion Project Guides